Monday, July 12, 2010

Australia photos - Cape Tribulation, Days 12 and 13

Peter, my dive instructor, drives his girlfriend and me north from Cairns towards Cape Tribulation, one of the few places in the world where a coral reef system and a rainforest come close together (as much as is possible between land and sea).

Typical Northern Queensland scenery

On the ferry, waiting to cross the Daintree River

Daintree River - infested with saltwater crocs

Yours truly, satisfied with my digs at PK's Jungle Village

Peter and Jan set up their tent at PK's camping area


Time for a walk...

Through a swamp...

To the beach, where this pleasant sign greeted me (good thing it was winter)

Vinegar stations are common near the beaches in Queensland and the N.T. ; however, I'd be amazed if a person stung by a box jellyfish would make it ashore alive. They're not the only jellies, true.

These little sand pebble formations are everywhere - the handiwork of a very small crab, which burrows into the sand

The expanse of beach looking toward Cape Tribulation itself

Can you tell it was windy?

One of the dumbest things I've ever done, though I fared ok, was to ford this little creek en route to the Cape. Ankle high on the way over, it was waist deep on the way back. While I could see into the water at this point, it was too murky on the way back, meaning I had to hotfoot it across before a croc could potentially gobble me up. Fortunately, crocs usually scout their prey's behavior before they attack... lucky me.

The Cape's southern side

"I was here"

Little backstory = on my first dive at the Reef, about 4 days prior, I cut myself on a barnacle attached to the tether line. The wound was obviously infected at this point. (I'm 100% fine)

Our activities for the evening included billiards...

...and beverages. Many, many beverages (hence Peter's manic expression)

MOTHRA, discovered lurking by my window

Day 2 - nothing says Australia like a road that goes through a river

Pretty ballsy

North side of the Cape; a group of American tourists

The beach was more impressive on the northern side

Go Sharks :-D

The rainforest

An easily accessible vantage point - quite popular, obviously

Cassowaries can become roadkill... and speedbumps

This is a three meter long (apx.) speedbump... which has rocks in the middle of it to further damage your vehicle if you speed. Only in Oz, baby.

Peter and Jan look like sunglasses models

Pit stop for some ridiculously good ice cream

The ice cream was in a scenic location

You see these Wicked Campers throughout Australia - they're decorated by hand, often with mildly offensive sayings. Note the sexual pun.

Back in Cairns = fruit bats resting in the trees. There were more bats in Australia than I've ever seen in another country, and in places as disparate as Kakadu and Sydney.

Marie, the nicest (and possibly cutest) Francaise ever, and one of the staff at my hostel

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