Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Australia photos - Brisbane, Day 17

Jacob Epstein's "Kitty" @ the Queensland Art Gallery

Fruit meets water meets tourists

Philip H. Calderon's painting (get ready) "Elizabeth Woodville, widow of Edward IV, parting with her younger son, the Duke of York when Elizabeth learned that the Prince of Wales had fallen into the power of his uncle, the Duke of Gloucester" (phew...)

Evil Richard III in the above painting

A shocking find at the museum = Picasso's "La Belle Hollandaise"

Post-art, I headed south to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

I hate P.E.T.A. heart and soul, but some of the bird cages were tiny. They also had BATS in cages, which kinda ticked me off (I like bats).

"Hey buddy, you're on MY pole."

The koalas actually had nice areas, however.

Owls (like this barking owl) are evil. The ancients held this belief, and I adhere to it.


Tasmanian devil

A tropical bird that I don't remember

Platypus (blur)

Mother koala and her joey


A striking white dingo

I love kangaroos... they taste delicious!

In the kangaroo / wallaby area, you can get up close and personal with the marsupials

Tiny horse

Sheep shearing demonstration

The ever popular lorrakeet feeding

The very dangerous cassowary

The ferocious wombat... ok, I'm kidding about its aggression

If only I had discovered Brisbane's Belgian Beer Cafe earlier in my trip... Leffe blonde and Leffe dark are awesome on draught.

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