Thursday, July 15, 2010

Australia photos - Brisbane, Day 14

My Virgin Blue flight from Cairns, parked at Brisbane International

Our airport shuttle took 2 hours to drop everyone off; one bright spot in that time was noticing this plaque at one of the guests' hotels. U-S-A...

MacArthur Chambers, named after the general

My dorm room niche at the Yellow Submarine hostel

Merivale (rail) Bridge and the Brisbane River

Goodwill Bridge (pedestrian footbridge)

A very large bunny, Queensland Gallery of Modern Art

And its equally large dead companion

That's right - a seal holding up a piano by its nose (no cable supports, I checked)

"Nothin' to see here, bub"

Brisbane's CBD (central business district) seen from the museum

Crossing the Goodwill Bridge

Full moon over Brisbane

Town Hall?

Queen Street Mall

Story Bridge by the light of the moon

CBD by night

Yours truly at one of the city's Irish pubs (because I was hanging out with an Irish lass)

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