Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, June 12, 2010

I arrived in Sydney, Australia this morning, after a grueling 14 hour flight from L.A., which I almost didn't make to begin with. That's a story for another time. After clearing immigrations / customs, taking the train into the city, checking into my hostel, and then getting showered and clean, the "first" thing I did in Sydney was climb the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. I had booked the reservation about 24 hours beforehand, for AU$198. What does that money get you?

Well, you get an amazing 3 and 1/2 hours walking up the exterior arch of the bridge. Along the way you're treated to mind-blowing views of Sydney Harbour, with the Opera House the nucleus of your attention. If the visibility is good (and it was AMAZING today), you can see from the Pacific in the east to the Blue Mountains / Great Dividing Range in the west, and everything in between.

I did several other things today (including the Opera House tour), but the Bridge Climb ranks among my favorite experiences EVER, $200 be damned. I'm actually tempted to do it again, but I know I got really lucky with great weather in this time of year (winter is fast approaching in Australia) - it's supposed to rain tomorrow and most of next week, not that you could tell from these photos.

Tomorrow night I temporarily leave Sydney for the Northern Territory, but I'll return at the end of the month. Actually, that will probably be the first of several returns - I'm really tempted to just move here.

No, really. Might be the greatest city in the world - but I'd hate to pass judgment that quickly.

More updates to come; stay tuned.


Dustin said...

By the way, these three photos cost me $45 Australian. Yuck.

Q said...

Not allowed to bring your camera up to the top? Sad times. The view looks AMAZING, though. I hella want to go to Sydney now. Insane!


Melissa said...

What!? The king of sneaky photographs PAID for photos!

Ha- the funny part was that I was about to comment, "Great photos" when I saw your comment.

Hope things are continuing to go well!