Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kakadu National Park photos

Our 4WD leaving Darwin

Adelaide River - home of the Jumping Croc tour

Fun with a python before the tour

Saltwater croc

Swimming in the Adelaide River is suicidal

The crocs really do jump

A lot of birds fly over the Adelaide River

The official park boundary

John, our tour guide, is perched pretty high up

Click this photo - John couldn't have lined it up better

Aboriginal artwork

I gave the didgeridoo a whirl... didn't do well

Kangaroo stew - delicious

An extremely large termite mound

Yours truly at a croc-free swimming hole

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off through Kakadu we go

A lizard finds its way to John's hat

Another swimming hole, fed by waterfalls high above Kakadu

A dingo ate my baby!

Group photo time

Sean (blue) and John (yellow) at the swimming hole, ready for sunset

It was the end of autumn in Australia

Lamb chops and buffalo sausages

John leads the way on the climb up to The Castle

Perched up on The Castle

The water was cold

Monitor lizard

John and Sean cool off after hiking

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Parag said...

The images in your article are awesome. Seriously Kakadu National Park provides plenty of opportunity to view nature and man made marvels resting at one place. Plus the satisfaction after visiting this park is huge.