Sunday, May 9, 2010

Australia itinerary

In exactly a month I'll be headed to Australia for a 3 week vacation. After nabbing pretty cheap roundtrip airfare to Sydney (almost exactly $900), I struggled with nailing down a viable itinerary for my time Down Under. To do New Zealand, or not to do New Zealand? Fiji, or no Fiji?

These are the dilemmas you face when you're bitten by wanderlust.

In the end, sanity prevailed (such as it is for someone of my temperment) - I'm sticking just to Australia.

Here's a day by day outline - the exact details will come later. I just got done purchasing the domestic flights, so the dates are set in stone.

  1. June 10 = Fly to Sydney from SFO (via LAX)
  2. June 11 = (lose this day due to the International Date Line)
  3. June 12 = Arrive in Sydney, New South Wales
  4. June 13 = Sydney; night flight to Darwin, Northern Territory
  5. June 14 = Darwin
  6. June 15 = Kakadu National Park (day 1 of a 3-day tour)
  7. June 16 = Kakadu National Park
  8. June 17 = Kakadu National Park
  9. June 18 = VERY early morning flight to Cairns, Queensland; begin 5-day diving certification program at the Great Barrier Reef
  10. June 19 = Cairns
  11. June 20 = Cairns
  12. June 21 = Cairns
  13. June 22 = Cairns
  14. June 23 = Cairns / Cape Tribulation, Queensland
  15. June 24 = Cairns / Cape Tribulation, Queensland
  16. June 25 = Fly to Brisbane, Queensland
  17. June 26 = Brisbane
  18. June 27 = Brisbane
  19. June 28 = Brisbane
  20. June 29 = Fly to Sydney, stay with one of my student's uncles and his family (perks of being a teacher!)
  21. June 30 = Sydney
  22. July 1 = Sydney
  23. July 2 = Fly home (arrive at almost the same time I left!)

I normally travel for longer periods of time, but I have a wedding to attend that I wouldn't miss for anything.

Looking forward to the summer! Er, Australian winter... In any case, I can only pray that the Stanley Cup Finals are done by the time I get to Australia - the last possible day is June 18th, although I'd be surprised if it took that long. (Get it done, Sharks)

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Q said...

Dude, your travelling is unreal. I wish I had the time and money to be able to do what you do. Must be such a blast! I'm sure Australia will be awesome...