Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Photo Memories = Tallinn, Estonia, June 2009

Tallinn viewed from the ferry from Helsinki, Finland

Note - I'm going to let the city views speak for themselves throughout, unless otherwise noted

Olde Hansa - traditional Estonian food, done medieval style (yeah, it's touristy)

Australian buddy Jason, digging in at Olde Hansa

Tallinn is mystical at night

Can't remember their names, but this Estonian couple was amazing - the girl's English was almost completely accentless, despite the fact that she had never left Europe

Sunrise, after a long night, uh, imbibing

Yours truly (in Yankees gear) in front of Alexander Nevsky Russian Orthodox Cathedral

Old and New Tallinn

The alleyways of Tallinn are probably the most atmospheric I've ever seen

Hubba hubba...

Fun with English = "Kid's wieners served with fries" (ewwww...)

The guy on the left is a Finn living in Tallinn, while the couple is from Riga, Latvia - good times on night #2 in Tallinn

Going up...

Great views to be had from the Lutheran church towers

Look closely...

Here's a closeup!

Inside Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, I believe

I loved the mix of architecture in this alley

Tallinn might just be my favorite city in (Eastern) Europe

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