Monday, April 19, 2010

Jamaica Part 2

The bar / restaurant at Samsara

Other Samsara guests enjoy the sunset from the cliffs

Legends resort, affiliated with Samsara - located on the Seven Mile Beach

Reggae by the sea

Look how calm the water was (though it wasn't always so)

My view for the day

Another resort just north of Samsara

We went snorkeling in this cave

The legendary Rick's Cafe, Negril

Boats enter the little cove, which is also where divers dive

"We were here"

The swimming pool tables were awesome - not so awesome were the $6 chips and salsa, with only 6 stale pita chips

Divers show off before diving from on high

Yeah, I got a little burned

The balcony of our room at Doctors Cave Beach Hotel, in Montego Bay

Gloucester Avenue in Montego Bay... aka, the "Hip Strip" (seriously, that's what it's called)

Margaritaville, Mo'Bay

Hayley enjoys her beverage

Sunset over Montego Bay

Ooooh... pretty

It's a convention of silly hats... Margaritaville

Ummm... nothing to see here, folks

These folks got us into their corporate party (free drinks!)

Jamaican breakfast

Rocklands Bird Sanctuary, outside of Montego Bay

Hayley feeds a hummingbird (doctor bird?)

A hummingbird at rest in the trees

I like Jamaica

Geico gecko

An oriole eating an orange

Doctors Cave Beach, Montego Bay... sigh.

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