Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Amazing anagrams that you won't believe (updated)

Using this site, I've had some fun in my spare time today creating anagrams. Anagrams, you'll recall, are words or sayings created from the letters of a different word. Or, in this case, names.

My name comes out as "darkest nudities." Ha ha, ho ho. San Jose Sharks player Torrey Mitchell also has a ridiculous one that I won't spoil.

But some are just downright amazing in how they relate to their subject.

I entered the following names, and was astonished to see how they also double as commentary - albeit of an occasionally goofy sort.

"United States of America" = DINE OUT, TASTE A MAC, FRIES
"Russian Federation" = NATO IS A SURE FRIEND
"North America" = MACHO TERRAIN
"South America" = I AM TRUE CHAOS
"United Nations" = NOT INSINUATED (at least in American thought)
"Great Britain" = BATTERING IRA (as in Irish Republican Army - whoa)
"South Africa" = AH! FRACTIOUS
"Islamic Republic of Iran" = LUCIFER'S MICROBIAL PAIN (whatever that means)
"Ayatollah Khomeini" = HAIL, HAIL, TO A MONKEY (whoa... I don't endorse this necessarily)
"World Trade Center" = LEWD TERROR ACT END
"Los Angeles" = SELLS AN EGO
"George Washington" = WAR ON: HE GETS GOING
"Richard Milhous Nixon" = NO! I SHUN HORRID CLIMAX
"Ronald Wilson Reagan" = NO, DARLINGS, NO ERA LAW (Equal Rights Amendment, which failed to be ratified in 1982)
"William Jefferson Clinton" = JILTS NICE WOMEN. IN FOR FALL
"George W Bush" = HE GREW BOGUS
"William Arthur Philip Louis" (Prince William's full name) = HARM IRISH, I'LL WILL UP UTOPIA
"Washington DC" = DON'T SHAG IN WC (WC stands for water closet, aka the restroom / toilet)
"New York Yankees" = KEY: SNEAKY OWNER
"Manny Ramirez" = REMAIN ZANY MR
"Babe Ruth" = HE RUB BAT
"Napoleon Bonaparte" = NO! NOT APPEAR ON ELBA (he was exiled to Elba...)
"Albert Einstein" = TEN ELITE BRAINS
"Adolf Hitler" = RILL OF DEATH (or DEATH FOR ILL)
"Vladimir Lenin" = REMIND VILLAIN (meh...)
"Alexander the Great" = EXTRA-HATED GENERAL
"Nelson Mandela" = LEAN AND SOLEMN
"Sean Connery" = ON ANY SCREEN
"Winston Churchill" = I'LL CRUNCH THIS NOW (????)
"Michael Jackson" = MANACLE HIS JOCK (wow!)
"Oscar Wilde" = I LACE WORDS
"Ernest Hemingway" = SNEER, WEIGHTY MAN
"Orson Welles" = NOW ROLELESS (appropriate even before he died)
"William Shakespeare" = I AM A WEAKISH SPELLER
"Elvis Aaron Presley" = SEEN ALIVE? SORRY, PAL
"Eric Clapton" = NARCOLEPTIC (well, that's a bit harsh)
"Vancouver Olympics" = O MY! CONVULSIVE CRAP (must be referring to NBC's inane broadcasting schedule...)
"Microsoft Corporation" = MORONIC SORT OF APRICOT (apricots... the secret to their billions)
"Toronto Maple Leafs" = FAT, LONESOME PATROL (Hal Gill no longer plays for them, however)
"Mike Modano" (of the Dallas Stars) = I AM OK DEMON
"Anaheim Ducks" = HUMANE AS DICK (sounds about right...)

And finally, to end on a big laugh, "Arnold Schwarzenegger" = HE'S GROWN LARGE 'N' CRAZED

Enjoy, and leave others in the comments.

P.S. - "San Jose Stanley Cup" is one I'd rather forget... NUTCASES ENJOY PALS. D'oh!

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