Friday, July 31, 2009

Travel Photos, Part 3 (in reverse order)

Patriotic stained glass, St. Peter's, Riga, Latvia

View from St. Peter's Tower, Riga, Latvia

Riga Cathedral, Riga, Latvia

St. Peter's, Riga, Latvia

Tourists at Trakai Island Castle, Lithuania

St. Anne's, Vilnius, Lithuania

Copying something I saw in Lonely Planet, Vilnius University, Lithuania

Soviet influence, Minsk, Belarus

Jewish Ghetto Memorial, Minsk, Belarus

Lee Harvey Oswald's apartment, Minsk, Belarus

Victory Monument, Minsk, Belarus

Caves Monastery, Kiev, Ukraine

Chess set on the head of a nail, Museum of Miniatures, Caves Monastery, Kiev, Ukraine

St. Sophia's, Kiev, Ukraine

Dustin with German ladies Katya and Vanessa, Moscow

Circus, Moscow

Ulitsa Arbat, Moscow

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Katia said...

Hi Dustin! Hope you're doing well! The pictures are great - as you promised! But I have to mention that you spelled my name wrong! ;-) It's Katia!
Best Wishes from Germany Vanessa and Katia