Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sun Kil Moon @ Great American Music Hall = setlist

Last night (May 29) I went to see Sun Kil Moon (Mark Kozelek, Red House Painters) at the Great American Music Hall. Mia Doi Todd opened. I was able to get the very last ticket (a dinner ticket for $50) before the show sold out - and my neighbor at the dinner bar was bassist Jerry Vessel's brother, Terry. Here's the setlist for the show - I'm missing just the secondary encore song title (please assist in the comments):

1. Glenn Tipton (Ghosts of the Great Highway)
2. Make Like Paper (Songs for a Blue Guitar)
3. Last Tide (Ghosts of the Great Highway)
4. Floating (Ghosts of the Great Highway)
5. Like the River (April)
6. Priest Alley Song (Songs for a Blue Guitar)
7. Heron Blue (April)
8. Moorestown (April)
9. River (Old Ramon)
10. Tonight in Bilbao (April)
11. Salvador Sanchez (Ghosts of the Great Highway)
12. Duk Koo Kim (Ghosts of the Great Highway)

(First encore)
13. Unlit Hallway (April)
14. Trucker's Atlas (by Modest Mouse; Tiny Cities)
15. Mistress (Rollercoaster)

(Second encore, just Mark Kozelek solo on guitar)
16. ???? (lyrics include words "pigeons peck")


Michael said...

Thanks so much for the setlist! I too don't know what the second encore song was, although it did sound like a two song medley. Also, didn't they play "Floating" right after "Last Tide"? Could be wrong. Anyways, fantastic show!! The Koz is God.

Dustin said...

@ Michael
Thanks man - and you're right about Floating. It blended so seamlessly with Last Tide that I failed to note it - I corrected it just now.

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous Dustin. I wanted to go so badly with you! Oh well, Maui was fun too!! Love ya, Mom