Sunday, November 9, 2008

Jamie Baker - "He [Sean Avery] IS stupid."

I wasn't able to witness this from section 205 last night, but apparently a very frustrated Sean Avery squirted water at Sharks assistant coach Todd Richards, after failing to bug Brad Lukowich, Rob Blake, et al. during the San Jose vs. Dallas Stars game (Sharks won 2-1).

Jamie Baker, former Shark and current Sharks radio co-host, informed listeners of this incident during tonight's pre-game broadcast from Phoenix. To paraphrase Baker - Sean Avery's childish antics tell us that not only was he not able to get into the Sharks' heads, but he was unable to get the Sharks out of his head.

I also love Jamie Baker for saying (and I quote) "He is stupid" in reference to Sean Avery. He also thinks, aside from either a fine or suspension, that Avery should pay for Todd Richards' dry cleaning. Who knew Jamie had a little Don Cherry in him?

Screw Sean Avery, and GO SHARKS.

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