Friday, November 7, 2008

The game isn't over yet, but new Dallas Star Mark Parrish is lighting up Anaheim

As a Sharks fan, I don't know whether to be happy or alarmed... but the Dallas Stars are killing the Anaheim Ducks right now at the Pond (duck season... wabbit season). The Stars are up 4-1 with 12 minutes to go in the 2nd period.

Fabian Brunnstrom got his 6th goal of the season to open up the floodgates. He was shortly followed by Mark Parrish's first goal of the year, on the power play. Anaheim's Brendan Morrison managed to get his belated first goal of the year near the end of the period to cut the Stars' lead in half...

...Temporarily. Parrish struck again at just over a minute into the second period, again on the power play.

The Stars fourth goal of the night came courtesy of none other than, you guessed it - Mark Parrish (unassisted). Hat trick. First game with new team. On the road.

Um, WOW. Quick fantasy leaguers, claim him!

Although, ahem, he still sucks (being a Dallas Star and all)... again I say, ahem.

It's still 4-1 since I started typing this. Tomorrow night the Dallas Stars head north to face my beloved San Jose Sharks. Brian Boucher will be in net - here's hoping he (and the rest of Team Teal) can cause the Stars to burn out (yuk yuk).

As David Spade once said, "Look, a falling star! Make a wish!"

Jokes aside, I'm all for anyone cooling down Anaheim's recent streak (better than our own last 10 games) - even the Dallas Stars. My very temporary support is made easier by the fact that they are currently in 14th place in the Western Conference.

Ah shucks, they can have a couple of points at the expense of our better seeded rival...

Tomorrow, however, all bets are off. GO SHARKS.


Anonymous said...

Don't count your "yuk, yuks" yet. We also got Zubie back and it appears Jere may be back tomorrow night. The biggest problem I see is getting Turco to have TWO good games in a row. It's a stretch but I have my fingers crossed.

GO STARS!!!!!!!!!

Dustin said...

@ anon
Your team is obviously going to be better than they have been with Zubov and Lehtinen back, I'll warrant you that. Should the Sharks lose, I for one will not fall back on the "oh, Nabby's out, that's why." We made mistakes the other night against St. Louis which we will not replicate against you guys. If Turco is indeed in net (not Stephan), than hopefully we can light him up like the Stars did to Giguere. I didn't watch the game, but it would appear by the score that you guys were trapping Anaheim. I'm anxious to see how McLellan works on busting through your stingy defense.
Congrats on beating Anaheim, but tonight it's all about the SHARKS. Yuk yuk yuk...

Dustin said...

@ anon
Yuk yuk yuk... 3 yuks. Give my regards to Marty for his assist.