Thursday, October 9, 2008

Vesa Toskala - Toronto's newest captain?

So, I'm listening to the Toronto / Detroit game right now (scoreless in the first), and the Leafs' Radio Network announced that Vesa Toskala is listed as the captain.

After Bill Guerin and Craig Rivet, this makes the third former Shark to be the team captain in his first (or, in Toskala's case, second) year with his post-Sharks team.

I guess it's now fashionable for goalies to be captains, since Roberto Luongo now bears the "C" for the Vancouver Canucks.
Update - Pavel Kubina (D) just scored on a Toronto power play. Way for Ron Wilson to get first blood against his dad's former team (though Ron chose the bluer half of that rivalry to support while growing up).

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