Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sharks to unveil the latest incarnation of the Third Jersey - black, of course

Mark your calendars, Teal Town denizens, because the Sharks are set to unveil a not-so-teal third jersey. The "BlackArmor" will be unveiled on Friday November 21 (10am PST for you serious clock watchers). "BlackArmor" is a tie-in promotion with Seagate Technology... you can read about it more here.

The release date comes just before the Washington Capitals (and Alexander the Great, er, Ovechkin - or is it Semin these days?) come to town. Guess the black is meant to compete with the "Rock the Red" campaign of the other guys...

In total, the Sharks will be wearing the jerseys at 12 home games and 2 away games.

“BlackArmor” Nights:
Nov. 22 vs. Washington
Nov. 26 vs. Chicago
Dec. 2 vs. Toronto (whose head coach knows nothing about a black third jersey...)
Dec. 4 vs. Columbus
Dec. 11 vs. Anaheim
Jan. 15 vs. Calgary
Jan. 27 @ Colorado
Jan. 29 vs. Phoenix
Feb. 5 vs. Carolina
Feb. 19 vs. Los Angeles
March 5 vs. Minnesota
March 19 vs. Nashville
April 5 @ Anaheim
April 9 vs. Phoenix

Thanks for the heads up, Tiff :-)

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