Saturday, October 4, 2008

Joe Thornton, Christian Ehrhoff, Marcel Goc, and - wait for it - Alexei Semenov = all injured Sharks

According to the San Jose Mercury News, the San Jose Sharks have five players who are less than 100% healthy. The one that is widely known is Torrey Mitchell, who broke two bones in his lower leg during practice a couple of weeks back.

Today (er, yesterday) we find out that - God help us - center Joe Thornton has a groin injury, which caused him to sit out the third period in Vancouver on Thursday (a 3-2 loss). Also ailing are defenseman Christian Ehrhoff ("bumps and bruises"), center Marcel Goc (sore back), and my favorite punching bag, defenseman Alexei Semenov (though I'll go easy now while he's on the mend - hey, he DID score a goal from the left point against the Ducks...).

Though coach Todd McLellan says that Thornton will "absolutely" be on the ice this Thursday for the home opener against Anaheim, it's no small secret that groin injuries have a tendency to linger.

In the meantime, I'm curious to know what San Jose's Plan B would be should Jumbo Joe miss significant amounts of time. After all - and I say this with the utmost respect to every other member of the team - the Sharks' play centers (no pun intended) around Thornton. Or, as I like to think of it, it's the Joe Show - all Joe, all the time.

Lastly, defenseman Douglas Murray has been recently dealing with the flu, as well as a sinus infection. Read David Pollak's column here for more information. He also reports that Jeff Friesen and Ryane Clowe (both Canadian, natch) have some immigration problems to sort out...

In the latter's case, I wonder if it involves that D.U.I. last year (hey, I love Clowe... but I lost a good deal of respect after that incident in Los Gatos. Not as much as Mark Bell - of whom I was never especially fond - but a good deal nonetheless).

At any rate, it's apparently not a good time for Sharks wingers to be border jumping... they should have no problems playing in Salt Lake City tomorrow, however.


Anonymous said...

Then I'm sure your heartbroken to learn that Mark Bell was waived by the Maple Leafs. I know I was (not).

Dustin said...

@ Anon

Please see today's post on the matter - I stumbled upon the subject while looking at Maple Leafs stuff. The man makes far too much money for what he does, both on and off the ice.