Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jeff Friesen released from camp... WHY?!?

For the love of all that is holy, I want answers. Why did the Sharks release Jeff Friesen (aka the third best Sharks scorer in franchise history) from camp today? Contractual obligations to other (inferior) players? Certainly not the salary cap - unloading McLaren took us out of the red, and Friesen would no doubt settle obligingly on $500 K (the league minimum salary).

Regardless of the situation, Teal Town WILL be p.o.ed tonight at the opener against Anaheim.

Here's a what-if scenario:

What if we didn't sign Tomas Plihal?

We would need a fourth line center. Move Jeremy Roenick to center the fourth line (and make it much more potent), which then opens up a spot on the third line center.

Enter Patrick Marleau, who would probably be up to swallowing his pride as team captain, and settle on the third line (where he could be a center again, and not a left wing). This opens a vacancy on the first line's left wing.

From there you could shuffle things around - Ryane Clowe (currently the third line's left wing) could easily fit in on Joe Thornton's line (hey, if Devin Setoguchi can be on the other wing, Clowe can be on the line too).

And voila - Jeff Friesen takes over on the third line's left wing, where he would gel with old teammate Marleau.

Got all that? Cause it's all worth a hill of beans, now. Thanks very much, hockey gods - and Doug Wilson.

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