Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's official, McLaren fans - #4 is placed on waivers. ALSO = the Jeff Friesen question

San Jose Sharks fans have until noon Wednesday to say goodbye to defenseman Kyle McLaren. #4 was placed on waivers today, which cuts $2.5 million from the Sharks salary, which was over the cap with McLaren's presence.

While I'm just rehashing what is in the official Sharks press release, here are some options that COULD present themselves:

1. McLaren could clear waivers.

2. A trade could be facilitated at some point.

3. If he clears waivers AND a trade does not occur, McLaren could head to the AHL, where he would still receive his hefty salary, which would then NOT count against the San Jose Sharks' cap.

That last one, quite frankly, is not bloody likely.

Prediction = McLaren is heading to Los Angeles or Atlanta... maybe Tampa Bay.

Moving on - the San Jose Sharks have reduced their roster to 23. Out = Mike Moore and Mick (thought it was Mike...) Morris. Also, Brad Staubitz and Riley Armstrong were placed on waivers (bye, Riley...).

Actually, the Sharks are down to 24 men... because Jeff Friesen has to compete against Lukas Kaspar, Tomas Plihal, and maybe even Marcel Goc for that final spot.

If you'll excuse me, I will now step on my soapbox.



On a final note, thank you for your wild hip checks, K-Mac. You will be missed. Have fun with former foe Mathieu Schneider in Atlanta, or reuniting with Tom Preissing in L.A. or Matt Carle in Tampa.

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