Saturday, September 27, 2008

Who's [sic] side are you on? - Sharks t-shirt

Last Tuesday I went to the San Jose Sharks Teal & White Game, which is a special event for season ticket holders and their guests (I was a guest - one of these years I'll fork up the dough for the full 41). I came wearing my Pavelski jersey, so I had no reason to put on the t-shirt they handed out (along with a This Is Sharks Territory sign). In fact, I didn't see too many people wearing it that evening, for pretty much the same reason that I wasn't wearing it - we came with our own gear. My hands were full as they were, so I didn't even look at the shirt (honest).

Tonight at the preseason game (see my blog post below), I really noticed the t-shirt for the first time - could have been the lovely lady wearing it. And something then caught my eye.

Notice anything funny about that phrase?

Several thousand of these t-shirts were handed out Tuesday night - and either no one with authority noticed the grammatical error emblazoned on the shirts, or it was decided that too much money was spent on them to NOT pass them out. WHOSE mistake was that?

Yahoo Sports' Puck Daddy wrote a funny post on the matter. As for me - I put on the shirt tonight for the photo, and will never wear it again - as much as I love the Sharks, I AM a teacher, first and foremost.


Melissa said...

Funny stuff! I can't believe no one caught that before print! The person in charge of that project obviously did not go through your 3rd grade class :o)

Angie said...

You being a teacher is all the more reason for you to wear it. :)