Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Todd McLellan loses first (preseason) game as Sharks coach

The San Jose Sharks lost their first preseason game against the Anaheim Ducks, 4-6 tonight in Anaheim. After the Sharks went ahead 4-2, the Ducks came storming back with 4 unanswered goals, including 2 by Corey Perry (he's baaaaaaack...).

Thus begins new coach Todd McLellan's first season as a head coach. I suppose it's not fair to compare a first-time head coach to Ron Wilson, considering the latter was the winningest coach in Sharks history, but comparisons will be inevitable this season. Simply put - Ron Wilson's Maple Leafs won their first game together, and Todd McLellan's San Jose Sharks did not. The Buffalo Sabres (whom Toronto beat) might not be the same caliber this season as the Anaheim Ducks, but you get my point.

Before I sound hysterical, tonight WAS just a preseason match, albeit against our most fierce rival (there were 6 different fights tonight, natch). Come October 9, however, the same matchup will REALLY mean something - our first regular season game, at home, versus our arch-nemesis, with a new coach and new players (3 new defensemen!). Oh, and we want to redeem ourselves for that crummy home opener last season against Boston.

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