Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stockton Ports win the California League Championship

BOO to these guys ---->

And BOO to these guys --->

YAY! to these guys --->

At least the San Jose Giants can say they were beaten by the best... the Stockton Ports finished off the Lancaster JetHawks tonight in Hawks territory, winning the series in 4 games. Lancaster forced Game 4 on Saturday night, fending off the inevitable for one more day. I suppose I'm happier that an Oakland affiliate won, rather than a Boston affiliate (honestly, why is Boston the only team outside of the AL and NL West to have an affiliate in the California League? The pinstripes in me are annoyed).

In other Giants news - Buster Posey, who played in at least Game 5 of the Division Series for San Jose (as a pinch-hitter), was signed last month by San Francisco, and received a - wait for it - $6.2 million signing bonus. Um, WOW. That's the largest up-front signing bonus in MLB draft history (thank you, Wikipedia).

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