Friday, September 26, 2008

Slips of the tongue? It all makes sense now...

So, the Chinese Olympic gymnasts have clarified why their perceived age is such an issue - because they themselves *misspoke* about their age at earlier contests. Verbatim quote (presumably w/ translation) from one who originally said she was 14 = "Everybody has misspoken before. On television shows, there are always slips of the tongue."

Yeah, right. Read the rest of the bull here.

Time for an anecdote- when I was working at my first job at a supermarket, two white kids walked up with a Mexican "friend" of theirs. They wanted to buy beer - and as ID, they presented the Mexican's ID, from Mexico, naturally.

Now, my passport is pretty ragged from use over the years (my friends say it shouldn't be accepted at border crossings), but I haven't ever seen any official documentation so impossible to read as this card. And that's not including the fact that it was in Spanish, which I can kinda sorta read.

Of course the two gringos were underage, but store policy was that we could not presume that the underage individuals accompanying an of-age buyer were going to drink the alcohol. So I couldn't refuse the sale on those grounds.

"How old are you?"

"Oh, he doesn't speak English, man."

"Cuantos anos, hombre?" (should have asked, "Como viejo es usted" but he understood me)

"Veinte... uh, veintidos."

"Sorry guys, no beer."

"What? He just misspoke, he doesn't understand your question."

"No one misspeaks about his age - but he could lie about it, just like he did."

And just like the Chinese gymnasts did.

Of course, I don't suspect that the IOC will have the balls to stand up to the filthy Chinese government - because it's the government that is the real problem, not the gymnastics team. How can an underage person get an official passport saying she is 16, without government cooperation (read = corruption) and support?

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