Monday, September 29, 2008

Sharks update - Kyle McLaren on the ice tonight

For those of you wondering - Kyle McLaren, while almost definitely on his way to LA or Atlanta, is on the ice tonight in Phoenix. He just assisted (along with Jeff Friesen - !!!) on a Lukas Kaspar goal. WHOOPS, SCRATCH THAT - he was originally credited, but actually Jamie McGinn got the assist, along with Friesen (!!!).

1. Brendan Buckley (D)

2. Matt Kinch (D)

3. Cory Larose (C)

4. Patrick Traverse (D)

5. Ryan Vesce (RW)

6. Kyle Jones (G)

7. Taylor Dakers (G)

In addition, Joe Rullier (D) was just plain released...

At the end of the 1st period, the Sharks lead the Coyotes 1-0. They also are seeing Olli Jokinen in action for the first time in years.
UPDATE = WHAT JUST HAPPENED? Coyotes lead 3-1?!?!?!? THREE GOALS IN 2 1/2 MINUTES??? Peter Mueller got 2 goals in 49 seconds... EGAD.
SECOND UPDATE = AAAHHH!!! Peter Mueller scores a third goal in the second period, for a natural hat trick! Coyotes lead 4-1... NOOOOOOO!!!!
THIRD UPDATE = Urrrr... another Phoenix goal in the 3rd, from Mikkel Boedker. 5-1, Phoenix.

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