Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sharks' defenseman Douglas Murray extended 4 years!!!

As a teacher, I probably shouldn't be typing a blog post during school hours (FOR THE RECORD - kids are at P.E.). But this can't wait, and I'll make it quick - Douglas Murray, who flies under many peoples' radar as the Sharks' best defenseman - has signed a 4-year contract extension. You can read all about it here.

I'm a big fan of Douglas (not "Doug" - his mom says it sounds like "dog" in Swedish) - the Scottish-Swede is a powerful force on the ice, and his plus / minus of +20 last year (for the majority of the season, the team's highest - he ended up second best) speaks for itself. Plus, it's fun having a Viking-pugilist on the team.

In other Sharks defensemen news, Kyle McLaren will almost undoubtedly be elsewhere this season, for salary cap reasons. He was not at the Teal & White Game last night, either on the ice or for the autograph sessions. Nor has he been at other team scrimmages. His fierce hip checks - when he's healthy - will be sorely missed. Read all about it here and here.

Oh, and Alexei Bleepin' Semenov WAS on the ice last night, and I couldn't be more upset.

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