Friday, September 26, 2008

New old roommate - and what not to say in an interview

Wednesday afternoon, my friend and I continued our quest to find a replacement for our ex-third roommate. We saw four people over the course of 75 minutes, and basically reached the conclusion that we would need to pick one of those 4, barring serious red flag issues. First interviewee - good guy. Seemed like he would fit in the apartment.

While we were interviewing him, the second interviewee walked up to the door (he was on time - the first interview went too long). Now, my roommate was the one handling the emails and scheduling interviews, while I was just along for the ride (as well as to offer my opinion as to our final selection). I had no idea about who any of our candidates were.

"Oh, there's our second interviewee," says my roommate with a nod, before apologizing to the first candidate for the scheduling compression.

Me - "You have to be freakin' kidding me."

It was one of my (good) college roommates.

Turns out he had seen the ad, and came out to interview. He didn't know I lived there, and I didn't know he even needed a new place. I guess we should keep in touch more often...

...Which won't be hard to do now, since he's our newest roommate. I didn't even have to push the point hard - my current roommate liked him immediately. Sucks for the first candidate, though (for the record - my old college roommate let us finish interviewing the first guy, who probably realized his chances shrunk twofold once the former walked in).

As for the third and fourth candidates - they were examples of what NOT to say during an interview.

"My parents kicked me out, so I need a place fast."

"I don't smoke... marijuana."

"I sometimes take days off of work so I can play World of Warcraft. I've got two days off in a few weeks for when the new game comes out."

"Is it ok if I pay half of the deposit now, and half later?"

"I'd rather not pay your utilities - can I work something out?"

"Parking won't be a problem - I can't drive right now, so I rollerblade everywhere."

To top off all of the above, the final candidate came into our house high on crystal meth. That's not my analysis - the candidate in question had an altercation with our neighbor, who is a very-much reformed drug addict. He stopped short of calling him on it, but let us know afterwards what was up. While I myself can't pinpoint the specific drug a person is high on, let's just say I knew something was very unusual about that individual.

As for our new roommate - having him around will be like college again, only with less classes and more 40 hour work weeks. Ah, maturity.

UPDATE = The search for a new roommate must go on, because for complicated reasons, my old college roommate cannot move in after all. Major bummer.

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