Sunday, September 14, 2008

Museums - for free!

Little did I know - but during its downtime from buying out Merrill Lynch, Bank of America busies itself with sponsoring museums - for your benefit!

If you have a Bank of America card, you can get free admission to select museums in 18 states, during the first weekend of each month (until April 2009), simply by presenting your card. Methinks I'll be using mine to visit the deYoung Museum in San Francisco... For more information, click here.

Bay Area folks are additionally blessed, as museums not included in the B-of-A promotion still have a free day per month... you may notice a pattern for the first three.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art = free first Tuesday of the month

deYoung Museum = free first Tuesday of the month

Legion of Honor = free first Tuesday of the month

San Francisco Zoo = free first Wednesday of the month, to SF residents ONLY (way to discriminate against us suburbanites...)

California Academy of Sciences (reopens on Sept. 27) = free on the THIRD Wednesday of the month

Exploratorium = free first Wednesday of the month

I remember one day in college (SF State, baby), after classes, when a bunch of friends and I rushed around the city, hitting the Zoo, the Academy of Sciences, and the Exploratorium, before heading back to the banality of dormitory life... ah, the days.

Anyway - here's to all things free!

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