Sunday, September 28, 2008

Congratulations, Moose - 20 victories this season!

New York Yankees pitcher Mike Mussina finally reached his goal today - a 20-win season. "Moose" pitched 6 scoreless innings against the Boston Red Sox on the road at Fenway, and received extra help from an infield ready to assist him in reaching his goal, on what could very well end up being his last start ever. The Yankees beat the Red Sox 6-2 in the second game of the series (yesterday's game was moved to today due to complications from Hurricane Kyle).

Mussina finished the year 20-9, but may never get the monkey off of his back. The man who has been called "Mr. Almost" never won the Cy Young, or a World Series game, and according to this Yahoo blogger, will not enter the Baseball Hall of Fame, even with 20 wins in a season.

"Pretty good" is how the naysayer blogger sums up Mussina's career. Allow me to modify that - "pretty damn good." Six Gold Gloves (four with Baltimore, two with New York)? A winning record against every team he ever faced, except the Yankees?

Nothing more needs to be said except, "Congratulations, Moose! You did it - and against the Red Sox, no less!"

Oh, and, "Yankees fans everywhere will miss you tremendously if you depart the Bronx."

On a final note, Jonathan Papelbum gave up 3 runs against the Yanks. Good riddance - may this be the start to a lousy (for Boston) post-season.

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