Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another historic collapse for the New York Mets - oh, and see ya, Shea

The New York Mets became the only team in MLB history to be eliminated for two years in a row on the last day of the regular season, at home, after previously having a 3 1/2 game lead. This year, it was especially bitter, as the Mets and their fans bid farewell to Shea Stadium. All season, Shea's farewell played second fiddle in New York to Yankee Stadium's end (as it should - and I'm speaking objectively), but the Mets seemed poised to actually head to the post-season, which the Yankees were just not in a position to do; such a possibility would be a bragging right for fans of New York's *other team.*

Sadly for the Mets, the Florida Marlins ruined their day, beating them 4-2, after the Mets previously tied the game 2-2. The Milwaukee Brewers, led by CC Sabathia, won their game today against the Chicago Cubs 3-1, and waited it out to see if they would indeed go into October for the first time since 1982. The Brewers clinched the Wild Card, and thus they will play the Philadelphia Phillies, while the Chicago Cubs play the LA Dodgers (go Cubs).

Trivia time - I find it curious that Shea Stadium closed with a loss, considering that it also opened with one, a 4-3 loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates. (As a Yankees fan, I would like everyone to compare that inglorious set of bookends to that of Yankee Stadium, which began with a Babe Ruth-ushered win, and finished with a win.)

As for the American League, the Chicago White Sox won today, and must make up a game against the Detroit Tigers. The Minnesota Twins are up 6-0 against the Kansas City Royals at the top of the 9th as I type. Assuming that the Twins win, Chicago will need to win tomorrow against Detroit in order to force a tie-breaker against the Twins. A Chicago loss tomorrow clinches the AL Central for Minnesota. Regardless of who wins the division, the opponent will be the Tampa Bay Rays, as the LA Angels take on the Boston Red Sox.

Get ready for October!

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