Tuesday, August 19, 2008

NHL - By the Numbers

It's August, and you know what that means! That's right, the countdown to NHL's opening day begins! Only 52 days remain until the San Jose Sharks take on the Anaheim Ducks @ HP Pavilion, on October 9!

For no better reason than that I'm bored, I'd like to take the time to break down San Jose's attendance compared to the other 29 NHL teams. Bear in mind that the HP Pavilion's seating capacity is 17,496.

Ranked in order of capacity percentage, the San Jose Sharks rank as having the TWELFTH best home attendance in the league. Here are the figures:


1. Calgary Flames (112.4%, average 19,289 fans)

2. Buffalo Sabres (109.4%, average 19,950 fans)

3. Ottawa Senators (107.1%, average 19,821 fans)

4. Toronto Maple Leafs (103.4%, average 19,434 fans)

5. Minnesota Wild (102.8%, average 18,568 fans)

6. Anaheim Ducks (102.6%, average 17,193 fans)

7. Vancouver Canucks (101.1%, average 18,630 fans)

8. Pittsburgh Penguins (100.7%, average 17,076 fans)

9. Philadelphia Flyers (100.3%, average 19,556 fans)

10. Montreal Canadiens (100.0%, average 21,273 fans)

11. New York Rangers (100.0%, average 18,200 fans)

12. SAN JOSE SHARKS (99.5%, average 17,411 fans)

13. Edmonton Oilers (98.4%, average 16,828 fans)

14. Dallas Stars (97.3%, average 18,038 fans)

15. Tampa Bay Lightning (94.6%, average 18,692 fans)

16. Detroit Red Wings (94.2%, average 18,912 fans)

17. Colorado Avalanche (93.5%, average 16,842 fans)

18. Los Angeles Kings (92.0%, average 16,606 fans)

19. Carolina Hurricanes (88.8%, average 16,633 fans)

20. New Jersey Devils (88.3%, average 15,564 fans)

21. Nashville Predators (87.1%, average 14,910 fans)

22. Atlanta Thrashers (85.3%, average 15,824 fans)

23. Phoenix Coyotes (84.7%, average 14,820 fans)

24. St. Louis Blues (83.9%, average 17,610 fans)

25. New York Islanders (83.7%, average 13,640 fans)

26. Washington Capitals (82.9%, average 15,472 fans)

27. Boston Bruins (82.6%, average 15,384 fans)

28. Chicago Blackhawks (82.0%, average 16,814 fans)

29. Columbus Blue Jackets (81.7%, average 14,823 fans)

30. Florida Panthers (80.2%, average 15,436 fans)

If you're like me, you're probably wondering - how can a place get more than 100% full? Aren't there fire marshal statutes against that sort of thing? Is this just *fuzzy math*?

I guess that maybe you really CAN fit 10 gallons into those ridiculous hats that Flames fans wear... not to mention fill the Saddledome 12% OVER capacity (yikes...).

Of all the statistics, the one most despicable and hurtful to my teal heart is that the Anaheim Ducks ALLEGEDLY have a better attendance record than San Jose does. On my lone trip to the Pond to see the Sharks clinch the 2007-08 Pacific Division, the stands were pretty sparsely populated - imagine my surprise that a sellout was announced. Who are they kidding? Someone's buying a heck of a lot of tickets and not showing up.

Oh, and we're also the second highest team in attendance standings of all the cities that don't ever get snow on the ground... one unfortunate guess as to who the other is.

Regardless - somehow San Jose needs to hit or top 100% this season. Unfortunately, that means selling out the games against L.A., Phoenix, and Columbus. I know, I know, those opponents aren't worth the paper the tickets are printed on.

But let's be certain - sacrifices must be made. No pain, no gain.

Oh, and thank you Joe Pavelski for being a good sport in August.


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