Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dustin's Blog Introduction and Manifesto

Hello, and welcome to my blog - and my initial post! Here at Blah Blah Blog - Dustin at Large, I plan to espouse my cherished opinions and insights as a mid-20s-male-Northern-Californian, as well as recount my various (mis)adventures to whomever will listen... as the muse strikes me, or when I'm just plain bored.

A short list of topics that I hope to address:
  • Orthodox Christianity (my 1st religion)
  • San Jose Sharks and hockey (my, um, 2nd religion)
  • New York Yankees (my dad's religion, which I inherited) and the American League
  • San Francisco Giants and the National League (um, starting to become a non-believer...)
  • TRAVEL (international and domestic, popular and outlandish)
  • Music (rock concerts, classical symphonies, and the best of recorded music)
  • Photography
  • Cinema (artsy-fartsy and mainstream)
  • Literature and writing
  • Language and linguistics (I'm nerdish like that)
  • Geography (see above)
  • Politics (hey, it's an election year... but isn't it always?)
  • Northern California (for better or worse - but I like it better than the other half of the state!)
  • Family, friends, and passer-bys (that means you!)

Stay tuned for more posts!


1 comment:

Rory Christopher said...

A informative and exceptional scroll; I am proud to call you a fellow blogger, acknowledging you as a traveling prodigy and writing savant.